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A never-ending journey

Date added: 08th Mar 2013
Category: Innovation Culture

Eco-cleaning brand Ecover has taken the next step forward in its bid to push the ecological boundaries.  Already know for its plastic bottles made from sugar cane, the company is developing a new recyclable bottle made from sugar cane, recycled plastic and “sea plastic”.

Getting on board with the Waste Free Oceans initiative, Ecover will not only encourage fishing trawlers to keep plastic caught by accident and send it to recycling, it will also equip some trawlers with special nets and send them out to fish for plastic which will be used as part of their new bottles.

In announcing the plan the Ecover CEO said that “Sustainability is a never-ending journey. Our focus on continual innovation means that we are always pushing boundaries.”  This is a message which many organisations would do well to adopt.  Embracing a culture of innovation has now become a critical imperative for driving growth and competitive advantage.  In effect innovation has stepped out of the realm of the few and into the mainstream.

In a world in which every business has access to the same technology and can create virtually identical products, innovation is the key differentiator.  Would you buy a green cleaning product or would you buy a green cleaning product packaged in a bottle which has contributed towards the cleaning of our seas and the reviving of the fishing industry?

Embracing an innovation culture does require a seismic shift in thinking but at the end of the day it could just make the difference between being a world leader and an also ran.

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