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A quick look at – Leadership culture

Date added: 18th Jul 2014
Category: Leadership

Why are you a leader?  When you were rising through the ranks did you hanker for the pay, the perks, the title or did you have something more in mind?  It’s a question which is much on people’s lips nowadays as executive salaries climb ever higher and any idea of sticking to the 20:1 ration advocated by Peter Drucker in the 1970s has vanished into the mists of what might have been.

True, regulators and pressure groups are starting to fight back seeking to limit pay and we have seen a number of cases recently where shareholders have voted against remuneration packages.  But the sad thing is that the issue of pay has almost overshadowed the debate about the nature of modern leadership.

Great leaders understand that the world has moved on and that leadership no longer equates to long lunches followed by issuing decrees from a remote corner of the golf club.  Leadership today is about setting the culture of the organisation, about engaging hearts and minds in the task ahead and about creating the conditions for employees to reach their potential.  Leadership is a journey not a destination and when exceptional leaders step up to the mark the entire organisation transforms.

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