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A Winning Mentality

Date added: 21st Sep 2015
Category: Behavioural Change

Creating the culture which turns the merely good into the truly outstanding

What does it take to turn the merely good into the truly outstanding? You might say practice, or attention to detail or even an innate ability; but underlying all of these is a determination to create the conditions for success. This winning mentality was never more ably demonstrated than on Saturday when Japan met with South Africa in the Rugby World Cup.

With their last World Cup match win back in 1991 Japan could have been forgiven for taking an easy three-point kick at the end of the match to draw with one of the pre-tournament favourites. Such a result would have been seen as a truly remarkable achievement but the Japanese wanted more. Scorning the easy option, they went all out for the win and in the process made history.

Whilst the triumph of the underdogs is a tale that resonates, this team went further; risking potential loss for greater gain.  It’s that winning mentality, the strength and courage not to settle for second best which we can all admire and learn from.  Whether in sport or in business, those who refuse to compromise are the eventual winners.  For them there is no place for that marketing campaign which is just about ok, that product which is roughly right, that process which is sort of what was required.

Creating the culture which seeks to deliver game changing results and engaging employees in the process is the mark of true leadership and it is something which those of us who were privileged to witness the Japanese triumph on Saturday night should never forget.

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