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Janine Dierks

Janine Dierks

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Programme Manager

ABOUT Janine

Janine is a highly motivated and effective Business Facing Project Manager and Business Analyst with a focus on the client, customer, market and end users of the project deliverable. 

A self-starter with significant experience in leading, and motivating, multi-functional global teams to deliver a variety of strategic projects, and programmes, including: product launches; organisational change; systems migration; outsourcing; process optimisation and rationalisation as well as regulatory change programmes. 

She has over 20 years experience, with a solid track record of benefit delivery, across a diverse range of complex and fast moving environments working with leadership teams of global organisations in the UK, Europe, North America and further afield. 

Among Janine’s key strengths are her communication skills and her ability to put herself in the stakeholder and end users shoes so that everyone is engaged and aware of their role (and timelines) in the project delivery.  Building rapport, understanding and trust with stakeholders to underpin the successful outcome and implementation of the project. 

Janine has a passion for travel, reading, gardening and cocktails.