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Balancing the culture

Date added: 22nd Jul 2014
Category: Organisational Culture Change

The BBC’s annual report provides us with a fascinating insight into the workings of one of our national institutions.  Delivered in bite-sized chunks the report can take a while to navigate and browse through online but it does contain some interesting pointers to the way in which the culture and role of the BBC is being reformed.

For example, within the BBC Trust section of the report the corporation’s management is praised for its efforts in improving female representation with the commitment for 50% of local radio stations to have a female presenter being singled out.  However the Trust also says that “content analysis suggests a continuing gender imbalance in BBC output” and this leads the Trust to highlight the need for “a co-ordinated plan from the Executive to address this as part of a wider diversity strategy.”

Alongside diversity, the Trust highlights the need for greater openness and transparency, the creation of more partnerships with outside organisations and a continuing focus on a reduction in internal bureaucracy.

Whilst many of the changes required by the trust are in response to criticisms raised against the BBC in the recent past, they are also recommendations to a course of action which many other organisations would do well to address.  When areas such as diversity, transparency and bureaucracy are out of balance, so too is the culture of the organisation and unless swift action is taken to rebalance the culture, the consequences can include a reduction in employee engagement levels, customer dissatisfaction and a failing reputation.

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