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Appraising Appraisals

Date added: 03rd Feb 2016
Category: Employee Engagement

Operating a process of continuous development and review is one of the strongest ways to boost engagement and ensure your people are equipped to deliver the vision

Are you happy with your appraisal system? More importantly, can you even articulate what your appraisals are designed to achieve? If it’s simply to let your employees know how you think they are getting on then what sort of attention are you paying to employee engagement that you think annual feedback is acceptable. And if it’s simply to agree what personal development needs should be addressed in the forthcoming year then what happened to the idea of continual improvement and of creating a development pathway which delivers as and when required.

In fact, according to a recent UNC White Paper, Transforming the traditional performance review process, whilst performance management has evolved in recent years to focus less on remediation and more on development, the performance appraisal process has lagged behind. However, the paper also reports that there is more and more evidence piling up behind the idea of moving towards a more flexible appraisal system. For example, the paper quotes neuroscience research which indicates that traditional performance reviews can encourage a mindset which actually limits the potential for personal growth.

Operating a process of continuous development is one of the strongest ways in which an organisation can not only boost employee engagement but also ensure that their people are well equipped to deliver the vision and strategy. If you haven’t appraised your appraisal system recently, perhaps it’s time that you did so for the benefit of employees, your organisation and your customers.

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