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Building a Culture of Innovation

Date added: 03rd Dec 2015
Category: Innovation Culture

We live in a world of immediacy. It’s a world in which 24/7 is no longer seen as unusual but as the norm, it’s a world in which we expect to click online and get instant results, and it’s a world which is increasingly transforming into a global marketplace for product and services.

But this world of immediacy can also be a world of uncertainty. The financial services sector is still being shaken by the fallout from the recession, the retail sector is undergoing huge transformations thanks to the combined impacts of technology and changing shopping habits, and other sectors too are having to reinvent themselves thanks to a range of external forces. All this while customer needs, wants and expectations are changing markedly, not least because the millennial generation is increasingly impacting society.

Moving towards a more innovative way of working

So what’s the solution? Quite simply, when your marketplace changes, when your competitors and disruptors can come from anywhere in the world and when you’re customers are looking for something more, then the option is to change or fold. Increasingly the change required is being seen as a move towards a more innovative way of working, transforming the entire organisation to one which looks to deliver genuine solutions which add real value to the customer and drive growth for the creator.

However, knowing what is required and actually carrying it out in practice are two very different things; and our work with organisations, as well as the results of various surveys, has shown that there is still some uncertainty at executive level as to the way in which organisational culture can be transformed to embrace innovation.  Our book, Building a Culture of Innovation, sets out to address this uncertainty. The book provides a practical six step framework for placing innovation at the core of your business. From the initial stages of building understanding not only of innovation culture but also of the way in which it impacts on organisational strategy and leadership, the book moves through a series of steps towards the final goal of embedding a culture of innovation across the organisation.

Some steps, such as the importance of carrying out initial culture assessments, may already be familiar to those who are well versed in change management. However, this book is not simply about culture change, it is about a cultural transformation which eventually affects beliefs and behaviours, processes and attitudes across the entire organisation.

Building a Culture of Innovation has been published by Kogan Page today (3rd December 2015).

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of those individuals and businesses who contributed practical case studies to the book; sharing some elements of their own innovation journey in order to help others.

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