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Celebrating your culture

Date added: 04th Dec 2013
Category: Employee Engagement

The passing of any year is the signal for us all to look back, to celebrate and recognise achievements and to praise exceptional performances.  Events such as the BBC’s Sports Personality of the year bring valuable reminders of sporting successes which drew us together as a nation whilst other ‘top ten’ lists highlight success in a variety of arenas.

But how often do we pause to look in a similar way at our own organisations?  Sure, we may have an award for ‘top sales person’ but there are those within the organisation who have a far more profound effect yet who never receive the recognition they deserve.  Call them the influencers, or the leaders without portfolio; they are the people whose very actions and attitudes guide and shape the culture of our organisations.  They may be recognised leaders or they may beaver away quietly carrying out some obscure task, but they are the ones who influence, who affect those around them, who encourage engagement and a positive attitude.

Success breeds success and recognition enhances engagement so as this year draws to a close take a look around and publically say thank you to the people without whom the organisation would be a much poorer place in which to work.

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