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Clarity in leadership

Date added: 21st Dec 2015
Category: Culture of conduct/ethics

When the leadership are found to be wanting, the organisation as a whole can suffer

When we look at organisational culture, at ethics and approach and customer excellence two things are clear. The first is that everyone in the organisation has a responsibility to ensure that the culture is as strong as can be; the second is that the leadership has a defining role to play in building and promoting the desired culture.

As a result, organisational leaders not only have a responsibility to make a strategic decision in respect of the attributes which will drive employee engagement, shareholder value and customer excellence; they also have to lead by personal example. In other words, their every action and decision is seen as a reflection of the culture.

The corollary of this is that when the leadership are found to be wanting, the organisation as a whole can suffer. So when leaders don’t show a ‘commitment to an ethical attitude’ or fail to ‘act with complete credibility and integrity’, (just two of the findings from the recent FIFA ethics committee enquiry) in the long term it is their organisation and its reputation and its people and its users who suffer.

Football now has to follow the path trod by many other sectors and organisations in the recent past; rebuilding trust and integrity whilst looking to give ethical leadership across the footballing world. Overturning public perception won’t be easy. But with open, ethical, and above all clear leadership and with everyone concerned working together to a common purpose; once again we may be able to enjoy ‘the beautiful game’.


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