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Consumer Rules

Date added: 07th Mar 2014
Category: Customer Experience

Buyer beware … customers are nuisances … employees should be grateful they have a job …

Thankfully sentiments such as these which ruled business life for decades have now been firmly consigned to the ‘me first’ past.  In their place sit customer care, employee engagement, openness and honesty allied to a sense of ethics which places doing right ahead of short term profits.  OK, we admit that there are still lurid headlines which remind us of the selfish past but with regulators, employees and customers all working to create a new sense of justice in business it won’t be long before those exceptions are consigned to the graveyard of failed business.

In the last couple of days we’ve seen two good examples of the new culture of care.  Firstly from the FCA which has introduced new rules to protect the consumer whilst still encouraging investment in crowdfunding schemes.  Recognising the innovative way in which crowdfunding is helping businesses the FCA’s new rules have been designed to be consumer-proactive rather than prescriptive.

Then we have the letter which David Moyes has written to Manchester United fans.  In it he thanks them for their support in a difficult season, talks about the way their “unwavering faith has been noticeable and hugely welcomed” and praises their loyalty.  In writing this open letter David Moyes has demonstrated his understanding that it is not the shareholders, not the players but the fans who are at the centre of the club and who deserve recognition for the part they play.

Caring, openness, sharing..these are the new business rules and the more examples we see the quicker the old business world will be consigned to the dustbin of history.

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