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Culture comes in from the cold

Date added: 27th Feb 2015
Category: Customer Experience

What does your telephone policy say about your organisational culture?

What does your telephone policy say about your culture?  Does it say that you are caring of customers and go all out to provide a good service, or does the way in which you chase sales leave a sour impression?  Perhaps your organisation is so large that you don’t even monitor phone practices on a daily basis; leaving team and department heads to set the standards which they deem necessary to achieve target.

Well from now on, board directors may be forced to take a little more interest in the telephone and text practices adopted by their organisations.  Government proposals announced this week aim to crack down on nuisance phone call practices.  The changes will make it easier for the ICO to crack down on offenders by removing the “substantial damage or substantial distress” requirement which previously had to be proved before action could be taken.  Other measures under consideration include the mandatory display of caller phone numbers and measures to hold board executives to account for nuisance calls and texts.

This last measure will encourage executives to ensure that high levels of customer care exist throughout the culture of the organisation rather than simply on the pages of the annual report.  Nuisance cold calling may be visible to the outside when the call is made but before that the organisation may have imposed unrealistic targets, failed to check calling data against TPS records, purchased unethical telephone lists or simply failed to accurately record customer preferences; all of which are symptomatic of a failing organisational culture.  When board members are held responsible for these practices, perhaps nuisance cold calling culture may become a thing of the past.

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