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Culture Complacent? 2017 may find you out!

Date added: 06th Jan 2017
Category: Organisational Culture Change

In good times and bad the business which succeeds is the one whose leadership team takes every opportunity to build potential & a strong culture

Looking at the signs, 2017 could be a great year for UK business.  The third quarter figures for 2016 were better than forecast, the FTSE 100 opened 2017 with a new record as it briefly broke through the 7,200 barrier and Manufacturing PMI figures came in at a two and a half year high.

So maybe this is the year that all of the post-recessionary hard work pays off and it‘s time to sit back and reap the rewards! Or is it? Even if we put aside the rising cost of oil and the fact that the Brexit and Trump effects have yet come into play, quite frankly complacency has no place in business. In good times and in bad, the business which succeeds is the one whose leadership team takes every opportunity to build on the potential within the business. And on a fundamental level that means never allowing yourself to be complacent about the culture of the organisation.

A company’s culture is its DNA, the building blocks which govern how the organisation acts and interacts both internally and externally. Culture drives employee engagement and innovation, ensures strong levels of corporate governance, and delivers customer excellence, reputation and investor alignment.

Because it is so fundamental to the workings of the organisation it can be all too easy to overlook the importance of culture as a driver of success. And being honest, whilst figures and targets and balance sheets are fairly easy to master; understanding the way in which the interplay around the coffee machine translates into productivity, innovation and sales isn’t always as easy to understand.

But if leadership was simply about figures then you might as well retire and hand the organisation over to the computers. But you know and I know that however much importance is placed on figures and targets, at heart business is all about people. It’s about building a deep understanding which enables you to deliver great customer service. It’s about engaging with your people in order to help them to bring their talents to the business mix. And it’s about collaborating internally and externally in order to create innovative solutions which drive business success through customer strength.

You’re not going to get any of that you concentrate purely on figures, and you certainly not going to get any of that if you leave your organisation’s culture to take care of itself. Okay maybe this year has started off on a promising note, but if you really want to deliver future success then it’s more than time to take steps to ensure that your organisation’s culture is fit for delivering your strategy in 2017.

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