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Customer satisfaction is important to us

Date added: 11th Jan 2016
Category: Customer Experience

Is customer satisfaction important to you? Don’t tell me, show me!

How much do you really care about customer satisfaction? Yes I know you say you care, and you may even have the customer satisfaction mantra pinned on your website and above every desk; but are you doing because it looks good and you feel you should, or is a real desire to empathise with and provide great service for the customer embedded in everyone’s hearts?

If the former, you go through the motions; if the latter then you go out of your way to provide a personalised response even if you can’t provide what the customer is looking for. Let me give you an example. One of our colleagues recently wrote to a company to enquire about a particular product which they had used for a number of years and which seemed to have disappeared from the shelves.

The response which they received started “Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us and our dedicated customer service team treats every enquiry with the upmost urgency” before going on to confirm that the product had been discontinued and giving a link to the range of products which were still available. That was it. There was no offer to pass feedback up to product developers and no attempt to engage with the effect which the withdrawal of the product may have on the individual concerned.

Our colleague understands that product lines change over time but the impersonal nature of the response made a mockery of the opening statement. Customers don’t want to be told that customer satisfaction is important, they want to feel it through the interactions which they have with the organisation. Is customer satisfaction important to you? Don’t tell me, show me!

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