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Customer alignment

Date added: 22nd May 2015
Category: Customer Experience

How is your call centre aligned with customer outcomes

Our last news article started with the words “It’s not always easy interacting with customers” but judging by two news items which have hit the headlines in the last couple of days it appears that there is still some way to go before customer alignment is fully embedded in corporate culture.

First off the blocks was consumer organisation Which? with a survey into call centre interactions in 65 UK companies.   Whilst some such as Ovo Energy and First Direct scored five stars for ease of use of the call system, waiting times and helpfulness; the scores for others including BT and Scottish Power showed that they still have some way to go.  Commenting on the survey Which? Director Richard Lloyd said “Unfortunately, poor customer service from call-centres has become a 21st century bug-bear for too many people.”

Following on from this survey came the tale of the man who became so fed up with Sky’s inability to properly cancel his service that he billed them at a rate of £25 per hour and then took them to court for payment.  The case was settled just before the court date with a Sky spokesman acknowledging that they “got it wrong, and didn’t resolve things quickly enough.”

Call it customer service or customer alignment or even putting customers first; the name doesn’t matter.  What does matter is that unless and until every person and every process within an organisation is geared to customer excellence then quite simply the organisational culture is in need of an overhaul.


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