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Customer care starts with people

Date added: 09th Oct 2015
Category: Customer Experience

Technology – a blessing or a curse?  OK, if we were really setting out to debate that question then this article would probably finish up being well on the way to book length rather than a quick commentary. But there were two news items relating to technology and data this week which caught our eye.

The first was a judgement by the EU Court of Justice which ruled that the ‘safe harbour’ framework which has applied to data sharing between the EU and America the past 15 years is invalid. The theoretical application of this is that companies which had relied on the agreement to share their data with US-based organisations or depositories may have to think again. In practice, there is a lot of work behind the scenes to come up with a strengthened agreement which will enable EU companies to continue to make use of US domiciled cloud-based storage systems.

The second news story concerned a study which reveals that 92.6% of doctors found use of the smart phone to be useful or very useful in helping them to carry out their clinical duties. This included sharing patient information with colleagues via app, text or picture.

The two stories illustrate the importance of respecting and treating customer data as much as you would customers themselves. There is nothing wrong per se in storing customer data online or in sharing customer data in order to improve customer outcomes. What is important is that the people who store, who use, who share customer data do so with the best interests of the customer in mind. It’s easy to say data is data, but when that data is personal to customers then customer care starts with people treating data with the respect which customers deserve.

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