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Date added: 06th May 2014
Category: Customer Experience

As the football season rolls to an end it is time to reflect on the winners and losers.  This year, more than ever, many battles have gone down to the wire and fates have been decided on the turn of a boot or the results of a rival.

But football is more than a game, it is a reflection of life and sometimes the battles are lost off the pitch rather than on it.  No we are not going to reflect on the Manchester United saga here, although that will, we suspect in future years, make a fascinating case study of the consequences of leadership change.  Rather today we are looking at what happens when clubs lose the connection with that most fundamental of elements, their fans.

Listen to post-match interviews and time and time again managers and players acknowledge the impact of fans.  And it is true that sports fans tend to remain loyal through thick and thin.  But understanding them and taking them for granted are two very different things.  Witness Cardiff, whose owner threw away the beloved blue strip.  Fans turned against the club, the press was bad and the performance on the pitch reflected this.

It is a salutary reminder of the way in which the culture of care for customers works both ways.  Care for your customers and their support and positive feedback makes life far more pleasant for your employees and for the business.  Ignore their feelings and you are on a losing streak.


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