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Customer experience takes off

Date added: 02nd Nov 2015
Category: Customer Experience

The benefits of seeing customer interactions as a driver of growth rather than as a cost

When intention translates into action, great things can result. Two years ago we reported on an announcement from Ryanair that it was going to reform its “abrupt” company culture and refocus on customer service.

The latest six month figures from Ryanair demonstrate the success of the program with half-year profits up 37% to €1,088m. Whilst the company attributes the rise in passenger numbers in part to poor summer weather in northern Europe leading holidaymakers to seek warmer climes, it also acknowledges the contribution made by its AGB (always getting better) customer experience program. In fact, the company says that the programme “is driving stronger forward bookings, higher load factors, and accelerating our traffic growth.”

We write a lot about customer experience, about the way in which aligning with customer needs can make a measurable difference not only to customer satisfaction levels but also to the bottom line. This latest Ryanair announcement demonstrates in a tangible way the benefits of seeing customer interactions as a driver of growth rather than as a cost.

The key to success is to ensure that the customer viewpoint is considered by everyone, not just frontline staff. Website design, IT, accounts, warehouse dispatch, marketing, product development… It doesn’t matter where someone sits in the organisation, if they put the customer experience at the forefront of their decision-making then, as Ryanair has demonstrated, profits can take off.

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