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Danger – grumbles at work

Date added: 17th Apr 2013
Category: Employee Engagement

The arrival of spring should be a cause for celebration as winter chills give way to light breezes and the warm scent of spring flowers.  But the rising temperature carries a hidden danger for gardeners everywhere as an army of slugs gets ready to munch.

The warning of the slug invasion from the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) couldn’t have come at a better time as gardeners make the most of the rising temperatures to plant out seedlings which have been languishing for too long in the greenhouse.  According to the RHS, the invasion is a direct consequence of last year’s wet weather which enabled slugs to breed in their millions and then hide underground waiting for this year’s munching season.

This hidden effect, the way in which an event in one year can have unforeseen consequences in future times is also something which we should be aware of in business.  Odd grumbles and moans can be carried forward in the work force’s consciousness; unseen and unknown until something happens and the underlying problem erupts to cause major damage.

Keeping on top of employee engagement, enabling employees to express themselves and their concerns and acting to allay worries works fine on a day to day basis.  But employers also need to understand and empathise with the future consequences of today’s actions or of a series of actions.  Building this understanding and engagement into the company culture can help employees and employers alike to work together for  the long term benefit of all and will hopefully ensure that what you do today, doesn’t come back to bite you tomorrow.

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