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Dead end career

Date added: 03rd Nov 2014
Category: Employee Engagement

Looking at Employee Engagement in the light of a report which reveals that 73% of employees feel their job prospects are not improving.

According to a press release from Towers Watson there is a “dead end job” epidemic sweeping the nation.  73% of employees report that their job prospects have worsened or stayed the same over the last twelve months and furthermore just 8% of employees feel their managers are providing effective career-management support.

In a way the statistics are understandable, but not excusable.  Businesses may well have seen the last year as one of consolidation, of resetting the parameters following the recession and of gearing up for better times ahead.  But creating a new model, working on a strategy for growth will only be effective if employee engagement and development are included in the mix.

Businesses need those loyal employees who have stuck with them through the hard times to help to drive them into the future.  Personal development shouldn’t have to wait until the business is crying out for more experienced employees or until employees take matters into their own hands and look for promotion elsewhere.  Good personal development and training should come before it is needed, be continuous and be proactive.  Anything else just sends the message out that the organisation doesn’t care about its employees and if that is the case why should the organisation expect its employees to care for it.

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