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Engaging Generation Y

Date added: 23rd Feb 2015
Category: Employee Engagement

Generation Y - looking to work within organisations which are making a societal impact and have a strong engagement ethos

A report by The Law Society has highlighted the way in which the career aspirations of 25-34 year olds differ from that of previous generations.  Overall the report reveals that those within the legal profession have a higher level of job satisfaction that the general population (62%) but when it comes to mobility the picture differs across the generations.

Whilst 26% of those surveyed are looking to seek new positions within the next year, that figure rises to 35% when it comes to Generation Y.  A lack of engagement with strategic direction is seen as one of the key drivers for employees to look to pastures new; but a desire to work in organisations which have a wider societal purpose is also a factor.

In fact the societal impact of companies is proving to be an increasing differentiator for all organisations looking to engage with Generation Y employees, not just those within the legal profession.  Reports also suggest that following on from Generation Y, the inhabitants of Generation Z who are starting to enter the workforce are even more ethically and societally drive.

The impact of this is that high salaries and good brand reputations are no longer enough to attract the brightest and the best.    For businesses across the board the solution will be to look again at organisational culture and engagement; creating outward looking ethical organisations and then drawing employees in to a collaborative support matrix which resonates more closely with the desires and ambitions of these newer entrants into the workforce.

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