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Enterprise for all

Date added: 19th Jun 2014
Category: Innovation Culture

The third part of Lord Young’s look at enterprise and business concentrates on the role of education in encouraging and training an enterprise culture.  In his foreword Lord Young says “The world of those now leaving education will be one in which self-reliance and creativity will be rewarded and the education system will have to adapt.”

Covering schools, further education colleges and universities the report makes a number of recommendations about ways in which educational establishments can best prepare young people to take their place in “a completely different economy and labour market than previous generations;” one in which 95.5% of UK firms employ fewer than 10 people and in which entrepreneurship is prized.

For organisations large and small which are looking to take their own place in this new world, any initiative which encourages employees to be entrepreneurial, to be self-reliant and to be ready to embrace a culture of innovation is to be welcomed.    Businesses are increasingly differentiated by how they serve their customers rather than what they provide.

A workforce which is more in tune with the idea of flexibility, self reliance and entrepreneurship is far more likely to embrace the ideals of outstanding customer experiences.  As Lord Young says “Enterprise means more than just the ability to become an entrepreneur. It is that quality that gives an individual a positive outlook, an ability to see the glass as half full rather than half empty, and is a valuable attribute for the whole of life”

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