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Five year forward

Date added: 24th Oct 2014
Category: Organisational Culture Change

The plan for the NHS in the next five years contains planning and culture elements which others could benefit from

When six leading NHS bodies get together to draw up a roadmap for the provision of health care in the next five years, there is a lot to consider; particularly as Professor Sir Bruce Keogh, NHS England’s National Clinical Director highlighted the need to “find new ways of doing things or quality will suffer.”

The document which emerged from the deliberations of the six bodies sets out a clear direction for the way in which the NHS needs to improve and change.  As wide ranging as you would perhaps expect; the document talks about vision, transformational change and innovation, about new approaches and about personal choice.

Perhaps most interestingly is the acceptance that although “there is too much variation in the quality and safety of health and social care” the remedy is not to impose a straightjacket approach.  Instead although there will be a move towards greater alignment between bodies, care will be taken to support the development of local care models.  Overall the roadmap includes:

  • Backing diverse solutions and local leadership
  • Provide aligned national leadership
  • Supporting a modern workforce
  • Exploiting the information revolution
  • Accelerating innovation alongside driving efficiency and productive investment

Whilst naturally the document is written for the NHS it contains a lot of material which could give pause for thought for other industries and organisations.  The search for innovative solutions, the acknowledgement of the importance of staff training and welfare and the way in which partnerships and patient control will help to drive development are all models from which many other organisations could benefit.

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