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Flexing time off

Date added: 16th Feb 2015
Category: Employee Engagement

The benefits of swapping fixed holidays for flexible time off

What does your company culture say about the way in which you trust and interact with employees?  Do you insist on a strict 9-5 in-office regime or are flexi-time and working from alternate sites on the agenda?  Whatever the mix, it’s a fair bet that holiday times remain fairly regimented.

But all that may be about to change. We’ve previously reported on the way in which organisations such as Netflix and Virgin have been experimenting with flexible holidays and now a legal firm in East Anglia has taken up the challenge.  Ashton KCJ has announced a one year trial in which set holidays are replaced by a Paid Time Off (PTO) policy which enables employees to take time off to suit their own needs and that of the business.

PTO policies are designed to move the emphasis away from working hours and towards work done.  In the case of Ashton KCJ, the new policy also encompasses time off for bereavement and for study leave.  Commenting on the scheme on the firm’s website Edward O’Rourke, Ashton KCJ CEO said “We firmly believe that law firms wishing to thrive in the future need to be innovative, both in the way they attract and retain legal talent and in the way in which they meet clients’ legal needs” adding “Our focus needs to move towards overall productivity, client satisfaction and results rather than the number of holiday days taken.”


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