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Date added: 30th Mar 2015
Category: Employee Engagement

Boosting Employee Engagement with On Your Feet Britain Day 24th April 2015

What does Employee Engagement mean to you?   Assuming you’re not of the ‘fluffy waste of time’ mindset then it is a fair bet that you are well on your way to appreciating the myriad ways in which engaged employees benefit your organisation.  From a reduction in sickness levels and employee turnover to enhanced customer care and reputation, when employees are aligned with the business strategy then great things can happen.

One of the key ways to boost engagement levels is to show employees that you respect and care for them.  Asking for and listening to opinions, saying thanks and taking time to ensure that they have a strong work/life balance can all help to show employees that you value them as people not just as producers of output.  Now the Get Britain Standing campaign has come up with another way of boosting engagement levels.

On Your Feet Britain Day is on the 24th April 2015 and the challenge is to “to sit less and move more whilst having a bit of fun and raising vital funds to fight heart disease.”  In association with the campaign the Get Britain Standing group has released the results of a survey which show that 45% of women and 37% of men spend less than thirty minutes on their feet at work.  More worryingly, more than half of office workers eat lunch at their desks.

The campaign suggests ways in which employees can move around more without their work suffering.  These include having standing meetings, walking across the office to talk to someone instead of e-mailing and standing during phone calls.

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