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Good pub, bad pub

Date added: 29th Aug 2013
Category: Customer Experience

The launch of the Good Pub Guide 2014 has caused a bit of a stir in drinking circles.  Alongside the excitement of unveiling the “pub of the year” and other award winners, the editors of the Guide have been less than complimentary about some of our UK watering-holes.

In a press release which contains extracts from the Guide’s introduction the editor predicts that in the next year between 2,500 and 4,000 pubs will go out of business.  Acknowledging that that is sad for the publicans and their customers the Guide goes on to say that “these are the pubs at the bottom of the pecking order, the Bad Pubs, which still behave as if we are stuck in the 1980s, happy with indifferent food, drink, service and surroundings. It’s high time they closed their doors.”  The press release goes on to say that “This year, as so often before, we have found that poor service is the Number One reason for writing off a pub.”

Luckily before all this gloom overwhelms us the guide does go on to highlight the new pubs and those “visionary and energetic new licensees” who have turned around the fortunes of previously failing pubs.  The press release also praises those “Landlords and landladies who motivate and inspire young staff are the driving force behind improving pub service standards in the UK.”

Visionary, inspiring, motivating; it seems the British Pub can teach us all a lesson in leadership.

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