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Happy Birthday to Moore’s Law

Date added: 17th Apr 2015
Category: Innovation Culture

Happy Birthday to Moore's Law - a self-fulfilling prophesy which has driven technological, social and business development over the last 50 years

On the 19th April 1965 a research and development director from Fairchild Semiconductor wrote a short article for Electronics magazine.  His name was Gordon E. Moore and his article proposed a linear relationship between time and circuit density.

Although originally proposed as a theory, Moore’s law as it came to be known captured the imagination to such an extent that it became a self-fulfilling prophesy; driving research into ever increasing computing and processing speeds.  As a result of that research we now have an interconnected world in which fast broadband, smart phones and the internet are transforming business and social connectivity.

We now live in a world in which we can communicate as easily with someone on the other side of the globe as at the next desk.  Businesses small and large can compete on level terms as they access technology, interact with customers and offer their services online.  Increasingly the differentiator is not what but how; driving businesses towards a more innovative way of working and in the process transforming business culture and interactions.  Closed shop hierarchies are on the wane, to be replaced by collaborative agility which draws customers, suppliers and third parties into the business development mix.

Over the past 50 years there have been numerous predictions of Moore’s law reaching a natural ceiling but each time researchers have come up with new ways of extending processing capabilities beyond that which was previously thought possible.  With each incremental change comes new ways of collaborating and new ways of interacting which are drawing the world together and changing the business and social landscape in ways undreamt of in those seemingly far off days of 1965.


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