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Improving performance

Date added: 24th Jan 2014
Category: Employee Engagement

HMRC’s half yearly report to Parliament reveals that although there has been some improvement in call answering and post processing times, there is still some way to go before the department meets its response targets.  During the period in question, the department was working both to implement cost savings and bring in the change to RTI which did place considerable strain on resources.

To meet its cost cutting targets HMRC are moving to automate more routine tasks, thereby freeing up staff to undertake more complex tax compliance roles.  Operational teams are also being trained to deal more flexibly with queries and work is moved between teams according to priority and customer demand.

At times of change, it is easy for employee engagement to fall, driven by a combination of job uncertainty, the need to learn new tasks and team leaders who are under pressure. However, despite RTI and changing job roles, the report shows that overall employee engagement has risen to 44% from 41% the previous year with respondents reporting increased confidence across the four sectors of:

  • Leadership and managing change – now 29%, was 24%
  • My work – now 65%, was 57%
  • My line manager – now 66%, was 62%
  • Organisational objectives and purpose – now 79%, was 74%

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