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Innovating Clean Water

Date added: 21st Aug 2015
Category: Behavioural Change

Those who link with me via social media will already be aware of my interest in promoting the ideal of saving lives through the provision of clean safe drinking water. Earlier this year our Just a Drop crowdfunding campaign raised over £8000 to bring safe clean water to one Ugandan community so it was with great interest that I read of another innovative idea which will help to provide clean water for people across the world.

Presented to the 250th national meeting of the American Chemical Society, in initial trials the ‘drinkable book’ has proved 99% successful in removing bacteria from unclean water. Each page contains printed information on how and why water should be filtered and has been treated with nanoparticles of silver and copper which are designed to kill harmful bacteria. All users have to do is tear a page out of the book, put it in a simple holder, and use it to filter water. Initial trials have shown that one page can filter up to one hundred litres of water, meaning that a single book could provide four years worth of clean water for one person.

In a high-tech world it is refreshing to see how simple ideas can bring life changing solutions. It’s a great reminder that technology isn’t everything and that when we bring the end user to the forefront of our thinking we can truly make a difference.

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