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Date added: 15th Feb 2016
Category: Innovation Culture

What’s past is past and it is now time to create an innovative future

In a fast moving, always on, 24/7 world the only thing which we can be sure of is impermanence. As technology opens up ever more possibility and as people’s needs, wants and attitudes change; the business imperative is not just to stay one step ahead of the game but to rewrite the rules so you continue to be a game maker.

Sometimes this rewriting is marginal, a tiny shift in product or delivery which is scarcely noticed by the outside world but is appreciated by your customers. At other times the changes impact the market, forcing others to stop and think about their own delivery systems. One such change was announced last week by The Independent which is to cease its print edition and move completely online. When you look at the figures, it’s hardly a surprising move. According to The Independent’s editor the paper is being read by millions online every day but its paper circulation has fallen to less than 30,000. So by making the announcement which it has, the paper is in effect bowing to the inevitable tide of change whilst strengthening itself to meet the new online imperative.

It’s a choice which over the next few years will be faced by increasing numbers of businesses. The winners will be those who really work to understand their customers and changing demographics and are therefore in a position to not just move ahead of the game but to innovate and change the game in their favour. The losers will be those who try to hang on, to trade on past glories and offer increasing irrelevance in a changing world. As Omar Khayyam said: “The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ moves on.” What’s past is past and it is now time to create an innovative future.

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