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Team spirit + Pizza: Leicester’s winning formula

Date added: 03rd May 2016
Category: Employee Engagement

“A fairy tale”…”you couldn’t have dreamt it up”…well you could have but even the most ardent Leicester City supporter would have to admit that winning the Premiership title was a far away dream.  Until now that is when Claudio Ranieri’s side have achieved the unthinkable and secured the title.

Once you move away from the clouds of glory, it’s worth pausing to examine just how this team have beaten the odds to claim victory. And the overwhelming answer coming out from football pundits and observers is culture and team spirit driven by inspired leadership. Football coasts on the back of stories and statistics but there is one story which perhaps highlights the approach which has led to Leicester’s victory.

Towards the beginning of the season Claudio Ranieri promised his players he’d buy them a pizza in return for keeping a clean sheet. They did so in October and he kept his promise, taking them out to a local pizzeria for a group pizza making session before they sat down to enjoy the fruits of their new skills. Commenting on the session on the Leicester City website Claudio Ranieri said “It’s good to stay together for something good [other than] football. I think also this could help to make a very good spirit for each other” adding “the most important ingredient for us is team spirit.”

That team spirit has won Leicester City the Premiership title.  Where could your team spirit take you?

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