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Interactive employee engagement

Date added: 10th Jul 2017
Category: Employee Engagement

Culture Consultancy takes a look at the benefits of self managed and interactive employee engagement tools

Who is responsible for employee engagement in your organisation? Well okay the leadership do bear some responsibility, creating a vision and values and culture which employees may wish to engage with. That aside, doesn’t it make sense put day-to-day employee engagement in the hands of those to whom it matters most, your people.

You see, you can create the conditions to support the most fantastic culture but even then people have to want to be engaged in order to engage. It’s a bit like walking up to somebody and telling them to be happy; the end result is likely to be something opposite to that you intend unless your words are accompanied by actions which help that individual to build their own level of happiness.

That’s where self managed and interactive employee engagement tools come into their own. Not only do they help people to manage their own engagement pathway, they also help your people to collaborate and connect, to share experiences and to build team engagement. Not only does this benefit the business by boosting engagement levels; digital tools also provide real-time feedback, enabling leaders to react instantly to any fall in engagement levels.

Culture Consultancy works with businesses to identify the optimum mix of self-managed employee engagement programmes and digital tools to boost engagement.  To start your digital engagement journey, get in touch and book an initial assessment today.


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