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It never rains…

Date added: 07th Nov 2014
Category: Employee Engagement

Autumn has arrived - time to dust off the Business Continuity Plan and boost Employee Engagement in the process

After a record-breaking October, November has arrived bringing with it rain and a sudden drop in temperature.  Although the Met Office is not predicting any unusual weather patterns over the next month, autumnal weather can be unpredictable and those who are not prepared can get caught out.

This then is the ideal time to dust off the business continuity plan, to make sure that the BCP is up to date for floods and for those times when employees can’t access the office.  Apart from the planning angle, reviewing the plan brings with it the potential to increase employee engagement.  It is surprising how many businesses create a plan and then don’t bother to let the employees know of its existence, let alone what their role is in any potential disaster.

Taking time out now to engage employees in planning shows them how much you value them and their opinions, as well as being concerned for their safety.  It is surprising how running a simulation, testing a working from home scenario or trying out alternate sites such as those offered via NearDesk can help to increase team cohesion.  Testing the plan may also highlight gaps in training which need to be addressed to ensure cross-cover for tasks.

We all hope that this winter will be relatively benign after the storms, floods and ice served up in recent times.  But with a robust continuity plan in place we can at least rest happy in the knowledge that should the rain turn to a downpour we can continue to serve our customers whilst looking after our employees.

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