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Date added: 20th Aug 2013
Category: Employee Engagement

One of the highlights of the Edinburgh Festival is the funniest joke of the fringe award.  Established one-line joke specialists such as Tim Vine stand shoulder to shoulder against newcomers as the judges take their pick from some of the best, and worst, comedy on offer.

This year’s top ten covers a diverse range of subjects from cringe-worthy puns to obesity and from the end of the universe to a time machine.  The winner Rob Auton polled almost a quarter of the votes with his comment: “I heard a rumour that Cadbury is bringing out an oriental chocolate bar.  Could be a Chinese Wispa.”

The beauty of having such a wide range of jokes within the top ten is that there is something for everyone and regardless of whether you are a geek or a giggler you will probably find a joke to share.  As the media discuss the contest and invite their readership to do better, business internal e-mail systems are no doubt that little bit busier with favourites being shared and shared again.

Whilst some managers may frown at this apparent waste of resources and time, something as simple as the occasional sharing of a joke or piece of news can go a long way towards uniting a team.  Employee engagement doesn’t just mean imbuing the company values and plan, it means employees feeling valued and appreciated and enjoying their work.  If a quick break to share a joke helps along the way to full engagement then long live this annual award.

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