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Leading people through change

Date added: 02nd Apr 2013
Category: Organisational Culture Change

Rather fortuitously, thanks to a bank holiday the new director general of the BBC, Lord Tony Hall, managed to avoid taking up his duties on April 1 and instead set in for work on April 2nd.  The task ahead of him in re-energising the BBC and bringing it back on track will be hard enough without any April Fool comments to trip him up along the way.

In an address to BBC employees Lord Hall said that the BBC was learning the lessons of the past and acknowledged that the quality of employees and their shared values were central to the BBC’s success.  He also highlighted the importance of the BBC audience saying that in shaping the future of the BBC “we will need to make the most compelling case possible by listening to our audiences and partners, and building on our many strengths.”

In making his remarks, Lord Hall has highlighted the way in which change is only going to be effective if it takes note of everyone who has a stake in the organisation.  When any organisation sets out to change, leading sponsors, your board, peers and employees through the change and engaging them in both the destination and the journey are critical to success.

Leading people on the journey of  change is one of the areas which Culture Consultancy specialises in and for those who would like to know more I will be covering the subject in a workshop at Customer Focus 2013*.

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