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Date added: 08th May 2015
Category: Innovation Culture

True customer insight - one of the key drivers of an innovation culture

At the time of writing the results from the 2015 General Election are still coming in but if there is one theme which stands out so far it is the way in which the opinion polls which we have seen over the past weeks have failed to match up with the end result.  When all of the counting is over and the final make-up of Parliament is known, no doubt the question of ‘calling the results’ will rumble on for some time to come.

It’s a lesson which reaches far beyond politics and into business.  Without pre-guessing where the election polls went awry, it can be all too easy to make judgements and assumptions based on incomplete data.  Simple questions can lead to simple answers but unless we really understand the drivers behind those answers we can act on totally false assumptions.

This is why when we talk about instilling a culture of innovation, creating an organisation which is fit for The Next Generation of business life, we list intelligence, or insight, as one of the key drivers.  Businesses can no longer assume; they can no longer look at store card data or ask the easy questions and expect to build an effective solution for customers on the back of those answers.  To shape the future, businesses have to be prepared to delve deep, to establish a dialogue and to really understand their customers.

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