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Looking for the opportunities in Brexit.

Date added: 24th Jun 2016
Category: Organisational Culture Change

Brexit - a chance for reinvention and innovation, to build strong partnerships globally, and to create a united world

Wherever you woke across the globe this morning, you woke into a different world. The British people have spoken and their decision is that the future of their country lies outside of the European Union.  It’s not been an easy decision to make, the closeness of the result underlines that; but, as leaders across the globe have said, it is one which has to be respected as the task turns to constructing the future.

Those who conducted the campaign on both sides will have much to be proud of and perhaps some things they would have preferred to have done differently but the time for rhetoric has passed and the time for action is now.

But wait – is it really such a different world. The last decade has seen global recession and reconstruction, whilst at the same time millennials have taken their place in the workforce forcing a rethink of priorities and approaches. More importantly the globalisation of technology has ushered in an age of innovation which moves away from selling products and services and instead asks: what can we do differently; what can we change; how can we improve and how do we implement to get our solution into the hands of those who need it.

So we’ve already lived, and continue to live, through times of great opportunity and change. Throughout those times people still looked to live in peace and security; they still needed food for their table, education for their children, a caring healthcare system, and a comfortable old age. In order to meet the needs of their people countries have had to work together to deliver finance and banking, trade, peace and prosperity.

We are now facing another chapter in an ever developing world but it is not one which we should be afraid of. As with every other major change which we have faced in the past this is a chance for reinvention and innovation, to build strong partnerships globally, and to create a united world which our children and our children’s children can be proud of.

Speaking about the implications of Brexit for his country the Turkish EU minister said,“There will be more opportunities and new possibilities.”  Yes at the moment we may feel shaken and uncertain, we may feel somewhat daunted by the challenge which lies ahead.  But if we all look outwards, if we seek to take those opportunities and seize on those possibilities, if we work together with strong leadership and collaboration and unity then the world’s leaders and business people together have a chance to step up and deliver real and innovative solutions which will benefit people across the globe.


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