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Making Gift Aid easy

Date added: 12th Feb 2013
Category: Customer Experience

Following consultation HMRC have taken steps to simplify the collection of Gift Aid claims*.  A new service, Charities Online, will enable charities and community amateur sports clubs (CASCs) to claim their Gift Aid share electronically.  HMRC say that not only will this help to eliminate mistakes and speed up payments but they have also taken steps to simplify the claims process.  For example, all donations for an individual taking part in a sponsored event can be aggregated, saving the need to list each individual donation separately.

This new service will start in April 2013, at the same time as the new Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme (GASDS) which enables charities to aggregate small donations, such as collecting boxes, up to £5000 without the need to collect donor details.

This is an ideal chance to galvanise employees and volunteers to make the most of gift aid.  Our work with charities has shown that when time is taken to explain the gift aid scheme in detail to employees and volunteers and to engage them in maximising donations, the gift aid spend can increase dramatically, in one case by 75%.

Training employees to look out for opportunities, to speak confidently with visitors and to overcome objections helps them to engage with the vision of the charity whilst at the same time leaving visitors with an enhanced appreciation of the ways in which they are helping the charity to achieve its aims.


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