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Making good the fences

Date added: 02nd Jul 2014
Category: Customer Experience

There has been much debate about the true meaning of the saying “good fences make good neighbours” but the one which rings truest is that if the fences, or defences, are strong enough nothing can escape to cause harm.    In that form, it’s certainly a saying which comes to mind when news of yet another data breach comes to light.

In the last couple of days a news report revealed that model answers to two computer GCSE modules had appeared online resulting in some students having to scrap their work and start again.  Then a hotel booking site had to be taken offline after security breaches came to light which would have revealed the holiday and personal details of its users.

Browse the Information Commissioner’s Office website and further breaches come to light from warnings about wearable technology and privacy to the Northern Ireland prison service selling filing cabinets which still contained private papers.   It sometimes seems as though no matter how many warnings are sent out, organisations still play fast and loose with customer information.

The culture which sees private information as a disposable commodity is a culture which cares nothing for its customers, employees and others.  There is no culture of care when organisations merrily e-mail, post data sticks and load up vulnerable laptops with confidential data.  Unless and until organisations make good their defences and instil a culture of responsibility in their employees we will continue to see further data breaches come to light and that is not neighbourly at all.

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