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Motivation and focus

Date added: 18th Sep 2015
Category: Employee Engagement

Looking to boost employee engagement and outcomes? Try a shorter working day.

When you’re looking to engage with your employees where does your priority lie? Do you pay them more or create the opportunity for additional training? Perhaps you look at empowerment or business structure or at creating a culture of innovation which values interaction and collaboration?

For a growing number of businesses across Sweden, part of the answer may well lie in a reduction in the working day. A report on the Guardian website highlights the way in which a range of businesses from the care sector to car repairs are experimenting with a six-hour day. Commenting on the website, the boss of Stockholm app development company Filimundus said for him the experiment was about ‘motivation and focus’ rather than simply cramming work into a shorter time period.

According to the report, the experiment is throwing up a range of benefits including a reduction in stress, increased standards of care and greater levels of energy and enthusiasm. This means that not only are employees benefiting from shorter work hours, businesses and their customers are also benefiting thanks to greater employee engagement and energy.

Employee engagement is not a one size fits all solution and what benefits one organisation will fail in another but organisations which take time to show employees how much they care about their welfare and to align their people with the business strategy could achieve some game changing rewards.

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