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Not repeating the mistakes of the past

Date added: 06th Dec 2013
Category: Innovation Culture

The Chancellor, George Osborne, may have pulled no punches at the start of his Autumn Statement but overall it was a statement for the future, for recovery and for growth.  In his opening remarks the Chancellor talked about the need to secure the economy for the long term and about seeking a responsible recovery but he warned that “the biggest risk to that comes from those who would abandon the plan.”  He also cautioned against repeating the mistakes of the past and of the danger of squandering “the gains we’ve made”.

Listening to the Chancellor we were strongly reminded of the dangers inherent in any change programme.  Inevitably whenever businesses are reforming their culture, working to engage employees or to introduce an innovation mentality there comes a point at which the effort almost seems too much, the way ahead looks hard and the instant ‘quick wins’ are fading in memories.  It is at this point when many reforms fail and the organisation slips back into the mire, but it is also at this point when with a little extra effort on the part of the leadership the organisation’s true transformation takes off.

Sometimes all it takes is a few words or a gesture, at other times something more drastic may be required but when the leadership is there and the vision is there and the determination to succeed is there, then the pathway to reform is clear.

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