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On target? So What!

Date added: 08th Apr 2016
Category: Customer Experience

Organisations cannot afford to congratulate themselves on simply achieving easy to reach targets.

According to the Thinkbroadband website the UK has reached its target of 90% superfast broadband coverage.   Is that a cause for celebration?  Well, for those who might not have benefitted from the broadband revolution had it not been for the target, perhaps yes.  But as with any measure which looks to achieve less than 100%, the real story is about those who are effectively written off by those who put cost or effort ahead of ambition.

So 10% of individuals and businesses across the UK are unable to take full advantage of the internet revolution. Worse still, the statistical breakdown shows that in substantial areas of the UK including Scotland, Wales and the West Country the figure is closer to 40%, effectively providing a very uneven playing field for UK business.

However, the statistics story is not just about broadband. You may not be able to please all of the people all of the time but when your customer satisfaction index is coming out at 75% or even 80% then that’s a substantial number of customers who are effectively saying that you are not delivering the product or level of service which they expect. Sure, it may be an improvement on last year, but rather than congratulating yourself you should be looking to see what you can do to improve the lot of those you have effectively failed.

In an era in which the trend is increasingly towards delivering innovative solutions which really meet customer needs; in an era in which the differentiator is less on product and more on service delivery, organisations cannot afford to congratulate themselves on simply achieving easy to reach targets. What are your targets for 2016?  Now what should they really be?

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