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On the twelfth day of Christmas

Date added: 25th Dec 2014
Category: Behavioural Change

Culture Consultancy is supporting Just a Drop this Christmas

On the Twelfth day of Christmas Culture Consultancy brought to me: 

12 Happy Customers – Customer satisfaction is the name of the game and that means >>> 

11 Engaged Employees – When you align people with business strategy and values you create game-changing synergies >>>

10 Leaders Leading – Leadership is a journey and when leaders throughout the organisation are engaged on the right path >>> 

9 Innovation cultures – Innovation is now recognised as one of the top drivers of business success >>>

8 M&A’s – When you put so much effort into M&As, don’t neglect the importance of a robust cultural due diligence process >>>

7 Signs of trouble – Culture and engagement levels can slip – Be Alert for the warning signs >>>

6 Generational challenges – Embracing the diversity to be found within a cross-generational workforce can create an engaged team >>>

5 Golden Rules Actually there’s only one golden rule – to do as we would be done by >>>

4 Calls to Action – Politicians, regulators and consumers are all looking for businesses to embrace a more ethical code of conduct >>>

3 Simple steps  – When your business is not performing as expected, the sooner you act the better >>>

2 Culture Changes – How would you describe your company culture?  Take the survey here and then sign up for the event here.

and A Very Important Charity – Culture Consultancy is supporting Just a Drop this Christmas here’s why


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