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Paywizard CASE STUDY



The Paywizard customer base includes well-known brands such as ITV, BT, Virgin Media, Freeview and Sony. A founder-led business, it is based in Kirkaldy (Scotland) with sales and development offices in London, Singapore and Manila.

Following a review, Paywizard took the decision to capitalise on technology and market advances, in the process changing its focus from business process outsourcing (BPO) towards the provision of a subscription, billing and CRM platform for pay-TV service providers.  At the same time the introduction of new board members added a fresh impetus to a strategy of international expansion, taking its world-class customisable platform to a new audience.

The new strategy resulted in a reduction in headcount by a factor of ten, leaving 200 staff working out of two main offices.  Whilst the residual employee base was loyal to the business, any shift of employee numbers, whether from restructuring or merger, inevitably results in a degree of uncertainty and tension.  Taken alongside a change in strategy and service provision, it was inevitable that the existing business culture and engagement model no longer fitted the new proposition.  In fact, had a change not been forthcoming then legacy processes, procedures and attitudes could have severely impacted the chance of a successful transition to the new strategy.


The Paywizard executive team therefore identified a need to review the company’s culture in order to ensure that it would support the strategic international growth of the business, including the shift from service operation to solutions provider.

Having undertaken some initial exploratory work, the executive team invited Culture Consultancy to work with it in order to design a culture which would support the strategy and growth plans of the business.  This would include defining, developing and integrating a refreshed mission, vision and values suite in support of the new strategy.

Key to success was the ability to capitalise on the existing Paywizard strengths, including the expertise of its employees, many of which had been with the company for over ten years.

  • Design company culture to support and deliver strategic growth plans
  • Define, develop & integrate new mission, vision and values

The first step was to build on the initial exploratory work carried out by the executive team. This enabled us to develop an appreciation of the existing culture’s strengths and weaknesses and the way in which it could be used as a basis for supporting the new strategy.

This intelligence was then used to create a two-day workshop for the executive team with a view to defining a new statement of mission, vision and values. Within the workshop we facilitated the executive team in developing the case for change as well as articulating the benefits of change. This included developing an understanding of the behaviours which could be associated with each value as well as agreeing priorities for culture change.

Following the initial workshop we supported the executive team in communicating the proposed new mission, vision and values to their wider teams and soliciting feedback. This resulted in a further workshop which finalised the new strategy, taking account of the input from colleagues across the company.

The next step was to understand the gap between the current operation and the ideal state as described by the newly agreed mission, vision and values. The creation of a benchmark enabled us to have meaningful discussions with senior managers across the company with a view to building an understanding of the Paywizard culture change challenge.

The Culture Consultancy culture alignment checklist enabled us to shape a gap analysis as a prelude to a workshop in which managers were challenged to shape and deliver implementation work streams which would embed the new culture. This enabled managers to not only build their understanding of the new culture but also create a strategic roadmap which would accelerate the delivery of new ways of working across the organisation.

The workshop resulted in the creation of five activity work streams which have enabled managers to take responsibility for leading the culture change implementation. Ongoing support is being provided through support and challenge review sessions which monitor progress, celebrate success, share best practice/learnings and enable managers to work through identified challenges.

  • Identify current culture
  • Develop mission, vision and values
  • Workshops
  • Culture gap analysis
  • Manager implementation
  • Ongoing support

The Paywizard executive team were able to build on the existing strengths within the organisation’s culture in order to develop a robust set of mission, vision and values which would enable delivery of the new strategy. By drawing the management team into the development and delivery phase, managers are engaged with the new culture framework. This has moved ownership beyond the executive team with manager groups now leading the implementation.

Successful development of mission, vision and values alongside management team engagement.


“Experts, guides, facilitators and challengers”

Culture Consultancy have been fabulous experts, guides, facilitators and challengers in enabling us to design the future culture we need to support delivery of our strategic plans, particularly as we continue to transition our company internationally. Quentin has worked extremely well with our executive team, ensuring we define something truly meaningful and practical to guide the business and our people - a set of Mission, Vision and Values that people are really engaging with.

We truly value the difference culture experts make to the quality and value of the outcomes, particularly individuals who understand the commercial intricacies of business. We've been delighted with the approach, the way people have been engaged and that we now have a team of managers taking ownership for driving forward and embedding the newly defined culture. The support we have received from Culture Consultancy has been great and we are continuing to tap into their expertise as we continue our culture change journey.

Moira Brown
Senior Vice President - HR, Corporate Communications & Change Management at Paywizard

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