Partnerships: Law Firms

Partnering law firms

The legal profession is changing rapidly with mergers, alternative business structures and new entrants to the legal marketplace all playing their part.  But however much upheaval there is within the legal profession, those in practice still have to play their full part in advising on and managing the affairs of their clients.


One area in particular in which the legal profession is playing an increasingly prominent part is in the field of business law.  From mergers and acquisitions to the complex fields of international, personnel or equality laws, the need to provide sound legal advice is ever growing.

The Culture Consultancy solution

With an increase in expectations comes a requirement to provide something other than pure legal advice.  That is where Culture Consultancy can help.  We can add our expertise in cultural alignment, culture change and people engagement to your legal experience in areas such as:

  • Cultural due diligence – identifying the organisational cultural issues which may affect the chances of successful mergers or acquisitions
  • Cultural alignment – advising on the optimum organisational cultural solutions for multi-national organisations or those looking to trade across the globe
  • Employee engagement – advising on engagement issues and how these may affect HR, equality or other issues

We are happy to partner with law firms on a one-off or ongoing basis to help you to enhance your legal advice with solutions which will benefit your clients.