Partnerships: Private Equity

Partnering private equity houses

After a brief dip in the midst of the recession, private equity is once again on the up with pension funds leading the way ably supported by insurance companies, sovereign wealth funds, venture capital and others.  With private equity funds pouring into the marketplace the scope for further increases is substantial with a report in the Economist in January 2014 revealing private equity cash reserves globally of some $400b.


Interestingly the market for ‘secondaries’, the selling of companies from one private equity firm to another, is also on the rise with the same Economist report revealing that secondaries accounted for half of the private equity deals in Europe by value in 2013.

The Culture Consultancy solution

With so much activity in the private equity market, those involved in sourcing, investigating and creating equity deals don’t sit still for long.  Rescuing an organisation from potential collapse is a high octane business and success or failure can turn on the smallest margin.  That is where Culture Consultancy can help.  We can add our expertise in cultural alignment, culture change and people engagement to your private equity experience in areas such as:

  • Cultural due diligence – identifying the organisational cultural issues which may affect the chances of success
  • Cultural alignment – setting and managing the transition to new value sets which will create game-changing organisational outcomes
  • Employee engagement – engaging employees in the change of ownership and the new values

We are happy to partner with private equity houses on a one-off or ongoing basis to help you to turn private equity funding into success.