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Date added: 06th May 2015
Category: Leadership

Culture Consultancy is proud to be one of more than 150 employers already involved with Plotr.

In the bad old days, unless you were very lucky, careers advice was confined to a few dusty leaflets in the corner of an underused classroom.  One of our associates remembers being told that the options were medicine, one of the forces or working in an office and that was that.   If you wanted to go off the beaten track then you had to carve out a niche for yourself and there was little help available for you to tap into.

Nowadays, thanks to the publicity of TV and the internet all that has changed.  From programmes showcasing celebrities who are trying out different jobs to fly on the wall documentaries young people are exposed to a vast range of potential careers.  But even with that exposure, it can often be hard for young people to sift through the careers on offer and match them up to their own talents.

Plotr looks to change this and put young people in charge of their futures.   Plotr is a free-to-access innovative careers resource for 11-24 year olds. It brings together the worlds of education and work to showcase more than 800 different careers and offers invaluable advice to young people about finding employment that mirrors their passions.  The site is government-backed, employer-led and works on a not-for-profit basis. Employers can work with Plotr to promote their brand to young people and, of course, to inspire future talent.

Plotr believes the best people to supply information, insight and advice on real world careers are the employers and staff that live and breathe those careers every day.  Businesses joining with Plotr have a unique opportunity to provide a business insight which is then mapped into the Game, a self-mapping discovery platform for young people to explore career opportunities.

Culture Consultancy is proud to be one of more than 150 employers already involved with Plotr.  If you would like to talk about joining the Plotr family, please email

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