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Date added: 12th Oct 2015
Category: Employee Engagement

As HR professionals, where do you see your future?

As HR professionals, where do you see your future?  It’s an interesting question, and one which has come to the fore recently when browsing through LinkedIn the other day we came across a post asking what could be done to improve the relevance of the HR function. That the question had to be asked is disturbing as it implies that in some quarters at least the relevance of HR is seen to be diminishing.

Now we’ve always believed that in many organisations the HR Department is severely undervalued and underutilised. And it’s not hard to see why because in many organisations HR is positioned very firmly at the hiring, firing and a bit of payroll end of the spectrum. So with the increasing use of technology taking care of personal records, overtime and so on it is hardly surprising that in some quarters questions may be being asked about the role of HR in a technological age.

But to be quite honest, if those working in HR simply see themselves as managers of people records then they are not only doing themselves a disservice, they are also doing their organisation and its people a disservice. Because the truth is that more than ever before businesses are crying out for a vibrant, interactive and proactive HR team.

Businesses are looking to promote diversity across the board. People are working longer and we now have those who grew up without home computers or portable phones working alongside millennials and generation Z who take the internet for granted. Training has moved away from formal classroom instruction and towards a more blended learning style which people can dip in and out of as required. All this as well as the rising importance of corporate culture and employee engagement taken alongside an ideal leadership style which has moved towards empowerment and collaboration add up to one thing: human resources professionals are key to the success of an organisation.

It’s an area which we cover in some depth in our forthcoming book, Building a Culture of Innovation, particularly when we look at selecting and training the i-agents will help to spread the culture of innovation throughout the organisation. In the book we also explore the way in which processes and expectations, targets and rewards need to be positioned to promote the innovation ideal.

So to those who doubt the HR function in today’s business we have a simple message; as guardians of the culture, as people empowerers, as catalysts towards an innovative future, HR is here to stay.

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