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Restructuring from the top

Date added: 21st May 2013
Category: Employee Engagement

G4S, the world’s largest security company has announced that its Chief Executive, Nick Buckles, is to step down with effect from the end of May.  His replacement, Ashley Almanza, has been with the group for a matter of weeks, having been recruited initially into the Chief Financial Officer role.

G4S has been under fire for the last ten months following its failure to provide the level of security cover required at the Olympic Games.  At the time Nick Buckles agreed with a parliamentary select committee that the affair had been “a humiliating shambles” which left the reputation of G4S in tatters.  The resignation comes a couple of weeks before the group’s AGM.

The incoming CEO will be faced with the task of not only rebuilding the company’s fortunes bit also re-igniting the engagement and passion of the employees.  The mere fact of an organisation hitting the headlines can have a profound effect, positively or negatively, on its employees.  Just as working for a successful organisation can boost employees’ pride in their work, so negative headlines can leave employees feeling defensive or hostile towards their employers.

When things have gone wrong for whatever reason, working to boost the levels of employee engagement can go a long way, not only to creating or restoring a sense of pride but also to improving productivity and profitability and customer care which in turn act positively on company reputation.

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