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Security starts with culture

Date added: 20th Jul 2015
Category: Culture of conduct/ethics

Cyber resilience will only be boosted if businesses embrace the idea of security within their culture

The government’s Digital Economy Minister, Ed Vaizey, has announced a package of measures designed to improve the resilience of UK business to cyber attacks. Key among the measures is a voucher scheme which will provide the U.K.’s SMEs with access to specialist advice on boosting cyber security and protecting intellectual property. In tandem with the voucher scheme, the government has announced the launch of a new online hub which is designed to tackle the U.K.’s cyber security skills shortage.

Commenting on the new initiatives Ed Vaizey said that the voucher scheme would “offer increased protection for small businesses” adding that the new online hub “will help ensure we have the skilled workforce in place to manage the increased pressures of the digital age.”

Irrespective of these initiatives, cyber resilience will only be boosted if businesses embrace the idea of security within their culture. No amount of encryption will help if employees are encouraged to take unsecured information away from the office either to meetings or to work at home. The best cyber security is defenceless when businesses think it acceptable to share confidential information by post. Security is not just the preserve of the IT department but should be an integral element of every job from the CEO to the newest recruit.

The voucher scheme may help some SMEs to review and boost their cyber security but they will only be successful if the culture of the business is such that personal and confidential information is respected.

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