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Smart tech: enhancing productivity

Date added: 03rd Jul 2017
Category: SMEs / Entrepreneurs

Looking at how digital technology can enhance productivity

Work smarter not harder

Okay, it’s a cliché but that doesn’t make it any less true; particularly in an era in which digital technology has the power to truly transform workplaces. And we do mean transform. Work flow, real-time tracking, file sharing, interconnecting; there is very little that goes on inside your business which couldn’t be streamlined or enhanced through the application of digital technology.

Why should you bother?  In one word: productivity.  In many words: productivity, innovation, employee engagement, reputation, profitability, staving off disruptors, the future of your business…. We could go on but the case really speaks for itself.  Your people are the greatest asset that your business will ever have and it just doesn’t make sense to mire them in unproductive process when you could free them to deliver greatness.

Asked how technology could enhance productivity, you might be tempted to hone in on workflow sharing and tracking tools. And that’s a great start but it is only the tip of the iceberg. How about mobile apps which enable your employees to work effectively from anywhere, or bring external collaborations into the workplace? How about visualisation tools which enable ideas to be more easily developed and shared? And how much more effective can your people be if you facilitate blended learning, giving them access to the knowledge that they need when they need it?

Culture Consultancy works with businesses to identify the optimum mix of digital technology tools to enhance productivity and free people to deliver.  To start your digital technology journey, get in touch and book an initial assessment today.



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